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What is Ortho-Bionomy®?

Ortho-Bionomy® is a form of bodywork that helps people experience pain relief, greater levels of comfort, balance and an enhanced sense of well-being. It is highly effective in working with symptoms from chronic stress, soft tissue and joint pain, or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. The practitioner acts as a facilitator to educate the person being worked with to better respond to his/her own body’s messages. Positions of comfort, gentle movements, compressions and traction, and subtle energetic techniques are used to stimulate reflexes that initiate a relaxation response through the body. Self care is taught to support the changes that occurred during a session. Ortho-Bionomy® relieves pain, tension and discomfort and brings about a feeling of wellbeing through a process that is interactive, educational and supportive. The release of long held and limiting mental, emotional, and belief habits can be facilitated by this work.


Does Ortho-Bionomy® help with chronic pain?

Yes. Many people find relief from chronic pain using Ortho-Bionomy®. Ortho-Bionomy® stimulates the body’s natural ability to learn to move away from pain. It’s self-correcting and self-balancing ability is stimulated through the reflexes located in our joints, muscles, and tissues. Self care movements are taught to people to help with the ongoing relief of chronic pain

As new and more effective ways of longstanding patterns are released, along with the pain they were attempting to manage, pain from recent acute trauma can be released in the same way.


How does Ortho-Bionomy® relieve pain?

Ortho-Bionomy® helps people to break the cycle of pain. It works by stimulating appropriate reflexes that monitor the lengthening and contracting of our muscle system. This then allows the body to change the stress and pain patterns, which are causing the discomfort. The release of tension and stress in the body brings about the relief from pain and discomfort.


How are Ortho-Bionomy® practitioners certified?

Instructors are registered by the Society of Ortho-Bionomy®. A general outline of the Instructor Training Program:

  1. All instructor trainees must have completed the 1000 hour Practitioner/Advanced Practitioner Training Program;
  2. All instructor trainees must complete a recommended number of classes and tutorials;
  3. All instructor trainees must attend two Instructor Training Seminars;
  4. All instructor trainees must complete a recommended number of bench assists, co-teaches and at least one Supervised Teach;
  5. All instructor trainees must be approved by the Instructor Review Committee.



What is traditional massage therapy?

It is movement of the soft tissue of the body to stretch and relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and promote overall relaxation.

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