Robert A. Fears
Massage Therapist
Ortho-Biometry® Practitioner

NCBTMB certified since 1994.
Association Member of AMTA since 1996.
Registered practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy® since 1998.


Biography: Robert A. Fears

Robert Fears is a nationally certified body worker/massage therapist, who is licensed in Maryland and Virginia. His primary modality is Ortho-Bionomy®, but he may add or use many other modalities – in which he is also trained – depending on the clinical picture and his clients’ preferences.

As a life coach he has, for over 40 years, sought and explored effective leading-edge techniques to assist people in self healing, gaining inner peace, lasting satisfaction, health, joy and prosperity.

Robert’s years of training includes: Rebirthing, Re-evaluation Counseling, EST, Deep-process work (similar to Bioenergetics), Polarity Therapy, Recovering the Inner Child, and Energy healing work. He became a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, is a Certified Conscious Connected Breathing Facilitator, and is studying to do Oncology Massage.

His extensive experience and knowledge cover yoga, meditation, and 12-step program practices. Robert also participated in The Game of LIfe at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland, and in the USA, as well as facilitated a group study of A Course in Miracles, based on the writings of Dr. Helen Schucman.

As a social worker for 23 years, Robert worked with severely mentally ill adults providing crisis intervention, medication education, coping skills training, and assistance in meeting basic needs. He helped them in managing extreme mental states and life circumstances, and in building self esteem.

Robert is experienced and comfortable with the process of the release of trauma, knows when referral to another professional is necessary, and is proud that clients have repeatedly told him that he has created a safe place for them to heal and grow.

He is hugely respectful of each client’s individuality, and the unique life circumstances that have brought each of them to this present moment. He uses the depth of his training, his many skills and his extensive life experiences to develop specific programs for his clients. He non-judgmentally meets them wherever they may be on their life’s path.

Robert’s most fervent desire is to carry on his career and his calling: to increase the focus – through healing at all levels – on the LOVE that is the center of each of us, and the bridge that connects us all.