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The day I met Robert Fears was a good day indeed. A friend introduced us. She spoke highly of health benefits from this helper/healer, and Robert told me about his experience and his work. Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) intrigued me, and I entered a news experience with Robert.

I am writing this from the perspective of having completed 10 CB sessions about 3 months ago. My choice was a good one, the sessions themselves very beneficial, and now I have new tools to use on my own, as a core part of my daily discipline.

The work was multi-dimensional, experiential, and energetic -- therefore encompassing the mental, emotional and physical. The work was unifying, connecting energy flow. I typically felt resistance before a session, relief from symptoms during a session, and the tangible touch of freedom, healing and health thereafter.

Each CCB session built upon the previous one, as if ordered for me by a universe committed to my well-being. Robert creates an atmosphere of trust and exploration. His attunement to me enabled the health benefits. The focus and results from each session were unpredictable and always rich.

During two or three sessions somewhere in the midst of Robert's 10 house calls, with table, candles and music in hand, the process helped me to excavate, observe and let go of foundational survival choices made in formative years, that were neither needed nor useful to me as an adult.

This shift was fundamental. In nearly an instant I became conscious, resolved and cleared away a lifetime barrier impeding my happiness and health. I am daily aware that my journey is now lighter and more happy than before.

The CCB process in the hands of Robert Fears was for me a gift beyond measure. I highly recommend this man and his work.

Jonathan S.

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